Earthen cooking utensils- clay cooking pots- Ancient Cookware,handi,matka with handles-2000 ML


  • every pot made with completely Natural Terracotta clay which is very useful to our health.
  • When we cook, serve and retain/keep the food in Clay pot, then all food properties will increase simultaneously because it made of fully natural mitt clay
  • Capacity-1500ML,Super Handi with Mitti Lid-1N, Capacity- 2000 ML.Earthen Products are Goods for Health.
  • We can use Mittipot India Pots for all type kitchen requirements like- Cooking, Serving, Dinning etc. If we cooked the food like this pot
  • Note:package quantity 1 Super Handi + 1 Kaan Bhagona Handi + Free promotional Gift
  • Clay has amazing properties that give you great texture, taste and nutrients.
    Once you cook with clay, you’ll never go back to your traditional slow cooker.These clay pots keep food warmer longer, and the food stays fresh and tastes great. Clay will save on energy costs, cooking 50-75% faster, and it doesn’t heat up your house.

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  • Usage Instructions-We need to dip the every products in normal water for One Night (8-10 Hours) before first time use the products. After Used the products like- cooking, serving etc, we need to wash it with minimum time 5-15 Minutes. Don’t left to wash it for long time in dirty conditions. We need to wash with normal spun foam and plastic objects with help of Dish washer detergents accordingly. If we are not using the product for long time like- 10-30 days, then we should wash is with hot water before use accordingly.

Handi and Matka vessels are traditionally used for Cooking various Indian curries, daal, biryani, rice , to make Curd[dahi handi]’ cookware, earthenware, terracotta, plants gardening, cooking set, flower decoration, kids, pickles, planting.

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